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iFolder ‘Russian Rapidshare’ Forced Out Forced Out

A data center hosting a Rapidshare-type site called has been stormed by Russian police and ultimately forced to cease operations. The Russian police possessed paper work allowing them to search and find the evidence needed against an iFolder site user who had been uploading illegal materials.

While the company was fully cooperative with the authorities, their power was cut and servers sealed, shutting down business. Whether this closing is for good or only temporary has yet to be seen. For now, the Russian police have seriously damaged one company while wounding another, leaving behind a lot of stepped-on toes and upset people.

Ranking among the top 5 web hosting companies in Russia, Agava opened in 1998 and had 300 people on their payroll when the police showed up and shut down one data center.

The Investigation

The warrant allowed the Russian police to perform a thorough search and seize any evidence located on Agava servers at one of their data centers. Their primary target was servers being used by, an Agava client, large file-sharing web site, and one of the most visited websites in Russia.

The investigation was the result of a site user who had violated the law and iFolder terms when they uploaded child pornography at some point past. The perpetrator had already been taken into custody and charged with the crime, however, the cops were seeking the possibility of further ammunition against him.

Both Agava officials and employees offered to cooperate and assist the police in the search, however, they were turned down flat, with the police stating they wanted to seize all of the company’s servers, and then they proceeded to wait for transport for the equipment for several long hours.

The servers were not ceased en-masses after all. Nevertheless, the servers were sealed, the power cut off, and the data center’s operations came to a halt. Unfortunately, this did have some affect on primary DNS servers, however, not all servers were affected and some Agava operations will continue.

Reaction and Destruction

Agava is definitely not pleased. They fear this event will jeopardize the many businesses in RUNet, harming the future of those companies as well as the future of Agava. They are determined to face this challenge head-on and to overcome them as quickly as possible. They say their customers’ best interests is their top priority and ask their customers to patiently allow them to get things back on track.

iFolder is a large Rapidshare kind of site with about 180,000 users who upload, download and share digital files every day. This is equal to well over 1 million page views and 4.3 million users every single month. Ironically, the Russian police are claiming they have no issues with iFolder continuing on in its business. Still, they are completely out of operation, all because of one wayward website patron. This police action falls on the heels of another recent action seizing the domain name owned by

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    25th April 2010
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