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NASA Data Center: Reworking $1.5B Plans

NASA Data Center

NASA had plans to acquire a large enterprise data center, however, an announcement has come out on one of their websites stating that they are now reworking their strategy. NASA has decided to put things on hold, as they have discovered that the NASA Enterprise Data Center program does not fit their needs.

On Hold

NASA has gone through some leadership changes recently and with this has come a change in requirements from the Office of Management. and Budget. These new requirements involve cloud computing, federal data center leadership, green technology and virtualization.

The NEDC program is only one of five planned aspects of NASA’s IT change. The project is said to be worth about $1.5 billion, however, a final proposal has not yet been made. NASA says that the contract will include data center operations and management, as well as web hosting and data storage, all of which are part of the Unified NASA Information Technology deal.

The Plan

Significant changes in the plan are expected to take place this year and finalization should proceed this fall. NASA wants to form a plan that will consolidate the agency’s entire IT center, encompassing all data centers, applications and systems. They want to assess the entire program and incorporate the technology suited to their needs. This gives them a grand opportunity to step up their technology centers while switching over to cloud computing to save on energy costs.

For a leading company like NASA, staying on top of the information technology game is of vital importance. with all the research and space programs and other things going on behind the walls at NASA, every American is sure to agree that they need up-to-the minute technology to keep things running smoothly. Once this new data center plan is worked out and implemented, NASA will have exceptional tools to keep moving ahead with what they do best.

Being such a well-known American entity, the move to cloud computing is not only a great idea for effective here-and-now technology, but being the “green” technology of computing, this cloud network will not only be good for NASA, but as word gets it, their example could lead others to make the same change.

All federal agencies have received a directive to consolidate their data centers. This order has come from Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra. The plans must be ready by August of 2010 and will be put into the fiscal budget in 2012. This is quite an undertaking, considering the number of data centers being run by the U.S. government has more than doubled in size over the last decade and continues to grow. The 2009 count set the number at around 1,100 government backed data centers across the U.S.

While these plans will take some time, and NASA’s data center plan will no doubt take a lot of time and talk, NASA has things well under control . They will have to take a closer look at their needs and choose exactly what suits those needs in the long-run. This pricey endeavor will be in talks and negotiations for a while, however, once the final stage is met, NASA will have the limitless capacity needed for their masses of information and technology.

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    1. dyStEdd says:

      I think that NASA is one organization that constantly need to examine and upgrade/update their data needs. It is vastly important for them to be at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency. This is especially true with all the budget cuts they’ve faced.

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