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No More Bandwidth Limits With 1&1 Internet

1&1 unlimited hosting

In keeping up with its competitors, 1&1 Internet has recently changed their limits on bandwidth to allow for unlimited monthly transfers. This change will surely garner the web hosting company more customers as it already offers quite a lot for a very low price.

Lifted restriction across the board

1&1 currently offers four different Linux based and four different Windows based hosting accounts all of which now boast the newly implemented unlimited monthly transfer volume. Monthly transfers include page impressions and uploading and downloading of files. This new unrestrained limit will allow hosting clients a great deal more breathing room when it comes to bandwidth issues. Previously, capped bandwidth meant needing to upgrade a hosting account, which meant a higher monthly hosting cost. The newly implemented release on this cap will give new 1&1 customers peace of mind.

The company isn’t stopping at just new customers – it’s also extending this new offer to any existing customers utilizing their hosting services, e-commerce products or combined services. What does this mean to existing customers? They are being given the opportunity to increase functionality of their sites even as their own customer base and business grow. No longer will they need to keep a vigilant watch on their monthly bandwidth usage and will be able to use this time to work on their actual business web site.

Increased space at half the price

As part of 1&1 Internet’s efforts to give customers more for their money, the company not only lifted bandwidth limits across the board but also greatly increased web space for each of its four Linux and four Windows platformed hosting accounts. Not stopping at just lifted limits and increased space, 1&1 also is promoting its newly vamped products by offering them all for a limited time at half price. Clearly the company is vying for more of its competitors client base and it may succeed with a large list of products to choose from combined with the new offers.

A gamble

In some cases, offering an unlimited amount of web transfer monthly can prove to place quite a bit of work on hosting servers, proving to occasionally overtax them. However, most online businesses never come close to over using bandwidth as a majority of their traffic is from web page impressions and not huge numbers of file uploads and downloads. It comes down to averaging – in most cases there are statistically lower numbers of high bandwidth accounts using applications that put transfer amounts to the limits and higher numbers of accounts merely running normal average web sites with no bandwidth-hogging applications in the foreground. Many average sites will cancel out the effects of a few high bandwidth sites. It is a gamble, however. 1&1 may see a marked increase in users that set up services purely to take advantage of the lifted bandwidth restrictions.


1&1 Internet is definitely hoping for the better outcome. By offering more space and no limit restrictions on monthly transfers all at half the normal monthly cost, the company is stepping up to the same level as many of its competitors. It’s a gamble worth taking.

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    20th October 2009
    Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Web Hosting News

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