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Web Hosting Automation Can Help Small Businesses

Web Hosting Automation Can Help Small Businesses

The last thing a business owner wants to be spending all his or her time doing is working on the company web site. This can be a significant time eater, time that would be better spent on a plethora of alternative business functions. A way to ensure one’s online web site is set as it should and running without errors is to implement web hosting automation.

Web hosting automation isn’t just for the web site owner. It can be advantageous to the web hosting reseller as well. Resellers can setup their hosting automation tool through a web page, enabling their customers the ability to access tools to manage their web sites without administration intervention. Whether one is a web site owner, reseller or a customer of a reseller, all can benefit from the use of a web hosting automation program.

Helpful tools

There are many tools within web hosting automation programs that help make web site administration an easier task all around. These include account tools, e-commerce helpers, server monitoring processes, billing capabilities, and CRM (customer relationship management) tools to name just a few.

Develop your own

If you are able and technically skilled, web site owners and resellers can opt to create their own web hosting automation program. The program should minimally include a way to create and administer user accounts, deal with e-commerce transactions, manage web sites if there are more than one and a monitoring system to watch bandwidth and space allocations for every account.

Beyond these basics, a web hosting automation program built from scratch should also include a way to bill web hosting customers, manage domains, enable a support center and process automated e-mail notifications to customers.

Once the tools are in place for the self-created web hosting automation program, it needs to be designed in such a way that web hosting customers can utilize and navigate it with ease. This sounds simple enough on the surface. However, what may make sense with regard to navigation may not work for the average web hosting customer. This is where a professionally designed and created web hosting automation tool would be the better choice.

Commercially available software

The whole purpose of having a web hosting automation tool is to save time. While creating a program to do this on one’s own sounds good, the fact is there are already a great number of these programs already available on the web.

Often these commercially available programs are thought of as server management tools. They are normally divided up into suites or control panels and allow for a large amount of control over many server and web hosting tasks. These programs may not have all the bells and whistles that one would like but have the advantage of being supported by a single vendor. All the tools within the program are designed to work together and if anything goes wrong, one vendor can be contacted to correct the issue. This, by itself, is worth the time-saving.

Parallels Helm

One such automation product available is Parallels Helm. This is a Microsoft Windows control panel solution designed to give web hosting resellers and company owners complete control over all their products and services. The idea is to keep the cost of operations low and give customers the best possible service in return.

Parallels Helm can be easily modified to support web hosting companies small and large and can be used on one single server or across many. The software can be easily added and removed from servers as the need is presented. Recently awarded the 2009 Editors Choice Award for best CRM provider, this software is perfect for SaaS (software as a service) CRM needs.

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