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What Happened To The Cloud?

What Happened To The Cloud

Microsoft’s subsidiary Danger lost a tremendous amount of data that was stored on servers for T-Mobile Sidekick cell phones. For those owning this phone, if the device has been reset recently or the batteries have either run out or removed, this data appears to be irretrievable.

T-Mobile customers hit

According to T-Mobile, Microsoft is currently working on the stability of the platform and attempting to restore all the services for Sidekick clients. The company is doing all they can to recover the lost data to its customers as soon as possible, if possible.

The cell phone customers hit by this are realizing that information such as contacts, pictures, and more that would normally be stored by Microsoft are completely wiped out. T-Mobile is attempting to calm customers by indicating that some of the data may be retrieved and is offering credits up to one hundred dollars to compensate for the loss.

The numbers of Sidekick cell phone owners isn’t on the large side these days. However, the number of customers isn’t important. What is important is those customers were relying on the cloud to ensure their data would always be available.

It has happened before

This isn’t the first time cloud-backed data has been lost. Carbonite, a data-backup specialist company, had servers that were not working properly last year and this resulted in network outages which in turn caused a rather large amount of data being lost. This sort of fiasco creates doubt in those companies and entities that are responsible for the maintenance and backing up of data customers deem important and aren’t keeping on their devices.

So far, this sort of problem hasn’t hit the big-time providers and companies but it may simply be a matter of time. If a company such as Google and its Gmail product were hit by a data loss with no cloud back up to rely upon, imagine the sheer panic and anger over billions of lost e-mails and contacts. Many services users rely upon to have backed up remotely and using cloud services will soon come under scrutiny if this data loss issue continues to plague even the smaller technology companies.

Poster children for cloud computing

The customer relationship management site bases its entire service offering on enterprise level cloud computing. The company offers this service and other corporate applications inexpensively, outclassing many computer-storing program solutions. Rackspace is another company jumping on the cloud bandwagon providing cloud-based computer applications for all of its customers.

It behooves these companies to ensure their systems are secure and ready for the task should a customer personal data save fail. Because of recent problems such as the one plaguing T-Mobile, there will no longer be blindly trusting faith put into the big-wigs of cloud computing.


The meat of the matter is simply this – to continue to build faith and trust in companies and systems using the cloud, definite back-ups and security measures need to be looked at and enhanced. Even the smallest of cock-ups can result in the largest amount of distrust.

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    8th November 2009
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