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ServerPronto Reviews

Get Dedicated Server for only $29.95 Now!
ServerPronto is a dedicated web hosting company. Shared hosting companies allow their customers disk space and bandwidth online, and these are routed through servers as they become available. Dedicated web hosting is not for novice users; expertise with web hosting is necessary when utilizing the services of a company like ServerPronto. However, for the price, ServerPronto is an unbeatable value for those that require dedicated hosting as part of their needs.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from ServerPronto. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Reliability (5/5)


ServerPronto gives its customers unparalleled reliability. They offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee, something that is practically unheard of in the industry. That being said, the folks at ServerPronto are able to make this kind of guarantee because of the quality of products they use in their data centers. Built to withstand the high demands of constant data flow, ServerPronto fully stands behind their products and services with a no commitment option. You will not be locked into a long-term contract if your needs are not met.

Price Value (5/5)


When looking at pricing on the ServerPronto website, one may wonder why it costs so much more than other web hosting companies’ services. The thing to keep in mind is that the services offered at ServerPronto are quite different, and not for the hosting novice. ServerPronto offers dedicated web hosting solutions for people with a high level of expertise and their packages range from $29.95 per month to $249.95 per month. Depending upon the needs of the individual customer, there are many different combinations of solutions available and every package is completely customizable.

Control Panel (5/5)


Because ServerPronto is for users with high levels of expertise in webmastering, control panel software is a choice left to the user. The company offers Linux and Windows-based servers and many software packages that will work with any control panel, whether it is vDeck, cPanel, or something proprietary. The sky is the limit with server pronto, and every aspect of your site’s individual needs can be met by ServerPronto, as each package is fully customizable. For individuals that know exactly what it is that they want, this is a great value indeed.

Customer Support (5/5)


With 24/7 support via phone and email, as well as live chat, ServerPronto is on the forefront of providing unequalled quality customer service and support. For the web-savvy individual who knows exactly what they want, ServerPronto is exactly the place to be. When it comes down to it, the knowledgable staff manning the phones, answering emails, and chatting live via their support network know their stuff—and they are willing to help you every step of the way.

Overall Value (5/5)


For dedicated web hosting solutions, ServerPronto has all levels of expertise and needs-based dedicated server solutions figured out. As a fully customizable dedicated server solution company, ServerPronto is one of the best, if not the absolute best, option out there. Keep in mind, however, that using a dedicated web hosting service provider requires a high level of expertise, so if you are looking for a company that provides you with site building software and control panels, keep looking. For anyone else with a specific solution, look no further. ServerPronto has your solution.

Dedicated server plans starting at $29.95! For the first time ever NO SETUP FEES!

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9th December 2007
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Web Hosting Reviews

5 Responses to “ServerPronto Reviews”

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, they are cheap, but it’s just not worth it.

    Support is only there when they feel like it. My dedicated server was slower than my $5 a month shared hosting plan with another company.

    The cancellation procedure is ridiculous. So much hassle – it looks like I’m going to have to cancel my credit card to get them to stop billing.

    Horrible, avoid at all costs.

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  2. Jorge Ortega says:

    Hi guys.

    I review your comments about service and I want you share with you my point of view and a problem I have/had with them:

    Since three months more or less. I purchase a second server (I had there a server already so I decided to purchase a second one) and pay the total amount of this new server for $322.15 USD.

    A couple of weeks before that, I experienced setbacks like they used to duplicate invoices (they call these “mistakes”) with the porpoise to charge you twice if you have a credit card… Well, in this time my credit card I provide them was cancel (thanks to god), so any charge was not possible.

    After four days more less that I pay them, they automatically cancel my service, their excuse was that I could not have any reason for be “angry” about the technical support and the abusive way they treat clients and try to charge twice, etc excusing this as a “technical mistakes that administration area do”.

    After they cancel my service and AFTER I PAID THEM AND CALL THEM DAILY, they stay agree to refund me, has passed already three months since that and nothing is yet in my credit card concerning a refund by their part.

    Their excuse goes far… they try to clean her hands by telling that they didn’t charge twice and that there is not any deserve refund and unknowing totally the situation, or at less try to unknowing it.

    So if you have experiencing this type of problems, please post any message as possible you can where refer to web hosting and dedicated servers service and let the people know what kind of people are inside this company, so if you are deciding to buy there a server, take in mind because you could be the next guy to be defrauded and if you have already this service, make the necessary think for avoid they try to do the same with you.

    So server pronto service sucks.

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  3. Phil says:

    Reliable and responsive to support requests, yes, but nearly impossible to leave. I’ve been trying to get them to stop billing for some time now, but they insist on a detailed form, photo ID, copy of credit card, and will require you to do it all over if you make a mistake. The address of their cancellation form is incorrect, so even if you get everything right, it will come back to you unopened. What a racket.

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  4. Joe says:

    Warning, Never use this hosting company! This is a fraudulent company. They charge me again and again even after an account cancellation… after 1 year they still try to make payment to my old credit card and they nevey stop!! They try it everyday! So think about it! I prepaid 3 month and use the server 2 week after that i cannot use the server… lot of bug and the support was not free from the company. So i decided to cancel it but they dont and try to charge again an again. So NEVER give you credit card info to that fraud company! Believe me…

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  5. Maksym says:

    Avoid this company. The connection speed is very low once in half year server becomes unusable because of firewall issues.
    To cancel service you need to provide a lot of sensitive information through insecure email

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