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Google AdWords VS MSN Ad

Google AdWords VS MSN Ad

“If you build it, they will come” may work for baseball fields but generally is not a good mantra to go by when creating, building, and maintaining an online web presence for a business. Once a web site has been put into place online, the next crucial step is to look into advertisement venues. There are many different businesses online that cater to those in need of advertising. PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the least expensive routes to take. Of the many listed advertising companies to be found online, Google AdWords and MSN Advertising offer a fairly robust service for those with budgeting in mind.

MSN Advertising

Within the several styles of advertising that MSN offers, the most budget conscious of them all is MSN’s Search Marketing. This program is specifically designed for small businesses whose budgets lay within $50 to $1000 a month.

MSN’s Search Marketing allows businesses online to grow and connect with local customers. Advertisers can target specific audiences within regions or cities. The ability to control and monitor results is available through budgeting and easy to use and view results online. Advertisers with the MSN Search Marketing program control how much they wish to pay per advertisement click.

Those who utilize the MSN Search Marketing program can expect to see their ads on the Bing search engine. Whenever a potential client or customer searches for keywords related to an ad campaign, that advertisement will show alongside the search results. Advertisers only pay for those ads clicked upon, allowing for small businesses to stay within a restricted ad budget. Advertisers determine their base bid and are never charged more than this specified amount.

Google AdWords

Much like MSN Advertising, those who place their advertising business with Google AdWords can expect to reach a large search engine audience. In addition to reaching those potential customers and clients, advertisers using Google AdWords can expect to see their information and data included within searches conducted on the Google mapping service.

Through self-generated keywords and phrases or those discovered via the keyword idea generator found on Google AdWords, advertisers with this program can expect to easily and quickly create ads that pertain directly to their product or service. Each time those targeted keywords are searched for within Google, advertisers can expect their ad to be shown to potentially new customers and clients. By clicking on these ads, either the product or service information can be purchased or the customer can be redirected to the business’ online web site. The unique item offered by Google AdWords is a free web page – if the business in question does not have an online web site, a free web page can be created.

Advertisers within the Google AdWords program never pay more than what they have budgeted for. Maximum bid amounts can be placed on each advertisement and daily targeted amounts can be adhered to.


Both MSN and Google offer fantastic PPC advertising programs. Both are very affordable and can fit within any small business’ budget. Google AdWords squeaks by slightly in the comparison due to its search engine popularity. If reaching a potentially larger audience is a concern, the choice should fall to Google AdWords.

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