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iContact Review

iContact Review

If you’re looking for an easy to use online email marketing system, it would be in the best interest of your business to take a few minutes to consider iContact. This service not only is very easy to use, it has whitelist agreements with many major ISPs and was created to make email marketing a breeze. Best of all, you can try out the service for free before deciding to buy.

Ease of Use (5/5)


iContact puts all of its features and products into one convenient area for its customers. At the very top of the welcome page after logging in iContact has an “assist” area filled with step-by-step tutorials to help customers along at every step. A subscriber count and allowed messages remaining are easily viewed within this welcome page as well. iContact has clearly created their customer area to be easy to use and full of information.

Price Value (5/5)


iContact has twelve account levels depending upon the email marketing need. Accounts range from $9.95 a month for 250 subscribers on up to $699 a month for 100,000 subscribers. This pricing range is on par with similar products available on the internet. The ability to choose from twelve different account levels also ensures that you get exactly what you need at a good price.

Control Panel (5/5)


After initially logging into the customer area, the user is presented with clearly marked and tabbed areas. The “My Contacts” tab offers graphic icon tasks making creation of new email lists exceedingly simple. Once a contact list has been created, moving onto to creating an email message or newsletter is as quick as a click of the mouse button. The “Create” tab opens up a four paneled area that shows current messages, surveys, autoresponders and an image library. After creating the message, the user clicks on send and the email process is started. There is also a “Track” tab allowing customers the ability to watch message, survey and autoresponder performances. The iContact control panel is very simple and fun to use.

Customer Support (5/5)


A help button is available throughout the entire customer area making it convenient to grab support when it’s needed. Customers can opt to search through the entire help database, browse through live and recorded webinars, or view video tutorials. If help is not found through these resources, e-mail to technical support is shown within the “Contact Support” area, a toll-free support number is listed and a live chat option is available from 8 am to 8 pm ET Monday through Friday.

Overall Value (5/5)


iContact offers a great product that is very easy to use. The company offers simple support options along with ways to contact an actual human being when issues are beyond the realm of the written help topics. With graphic icons throughout the customer area making things clear and concise and the ability to upgrade in very precise increments depending upon marketing needs, iContact is a highly recommended email marketing product.

Simplify your email marketing campaigns today! Sign up with iContact and receive a free trial to one of the most robust and easy to use email marketing systems available. No credit card is required to activate the free trial, so taking this service for a test drive is easier than ever!

iContact Official Site

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