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W3Optimizer Review

W3Optimizer Review

The concept of traditional business has changed dramatically over the years with the internet playing a major role in the transformation. Online business has also evolved as webmasters are thinking beyond traditional marketing techniques with new methods centered on bringing in traffic. As more people learned the advantages of Google, Yahoo and MSN, many more sat back hoping the search engines would take care of the hard work by automatically generating targeted traffic. Unfortunately, many have learned that this method involves more than submitting your site to a couple of search engines. The key is building a high quality website with content which appeals to the search engine robots. The initial design process is vital, but your efforts can be enhanced with an efficient search engine optimization tool. When used effectively, such a tool can significantly increase the amount of traffic you receive each month.

A Variety of Tools for the SEO Job

The effectiveness of search engine traffic has resulted in a number of optimization tools. You’ve got your premium solutions like Traffic Blazer, but there are also free utilities that offer good results. One of the most popular search engine tools being used today is W3Optimizer. This powerful optimization tool began as a fun project for creator Jawahar Prasad who was looking for a way to better optimize his own sites for the search engines. Thankfully, Jawahar Prasad was kind enough to share the tool to help webmasters improve their marketing efforts and search engine rankings. W3Optimizer has gained a strong following because of its accuracy and cost efficiency as it is completely free to use.

Simplifying a Difficult Task

As simple as the concept may sound, search engine optimization can be very difficult. Some webmasters find it so challenging that they hire experts to perform the optimization tasks. Although results are never guaranteed, you will find that W3Optimizer makes optimizing your site much easier. With a simple click of the mouse you can generate customized SEO reports of your website, providing you with detailed statistics on how your marketing efforts are going. These reports reveal everything from the impact of your META tags to keyword visibility, all organized in a compact, accurate, easy to read fashion. The utility also provides a rating for your site with a certain percentage. The more traffic you generate, the higher the percentage and the better you are doing at search engine optimization. W3Optimizer is very a sophisticated tool and its simplicity is refreshing. It proves that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to bring in quality traffic to your website.

W3Optimizer has received a few notable upgrades since the initial launch. The code is clean and many of the previous bugs have been resolved for better accuracy. Some of the new features include the SEO toolbar button for Google and more comprehensive reports for deeper analysis. We highly recommend W3Optimizer to anyone who wants to leverage quality traffic from the search engines. After laying the foundation for your site, this tool allows you to maintain vital statistics and most importantly, keep the traffic rolling in.

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16th January 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Webmaster Resources

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  1. Cogbuddy says:

    This is good to hear. So all credits go to the developer Jawahar Prasad. I cannot believe how this tool works. Because every search engine works in its own way. They keep changing the algorithm and the results may not be constant. But on what basis this w3optimizer works and gives the results accurately? So does that mean w3optimizer first tries to learn the working of search engine ?

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